ISO certificate

The company has decided to implement a quality policy that has the following objectives:
-Increase and retain customers;
-Have modern and efficient equipment;
-Work well to reduce the number and cost of non-compliance;
-Grow professionally to work in efficiency and effectiveness.

All company activity must be regulated by the Quality System documented in:
-Quality Manual that defines the activities to achieve the objectives;
-Procedures and work instructions that define the operating procedures of the individual processes identified.

As part of the Quality Management System, the Management identifies the Quality Assurance Manager with the tasks of :
-Prepare and keep updated the documents that define the business processes;
-Report to the Management on the performance of the System and on possible improvements;
-Promote awareness of customer requirements throughout our organization.

To the company Managers, besides the usual managerial tasks, the application of the ns. Procedures, Work Instructions and the task of:
-Plan, execute, monitor and constantly improve processes;
-Overcome any non-compliance.

All the subjects of the organization are provided with the most suitable means to carry out their activity and for the involvement in the implementation and achievement of the indicated objectives and the continuous improvement.